This regime is not a bait and switch

I wrote on Facebook: This regime is not an accident. It is not a miscalculation. It is not a bait and switch. Craven chaos was planned and accomplished and no one who wanted it and still wants it is going, finally, to see anything. I was thinking yesterday about how Obama might be feeling, knowing so much of what has happened is a direct, viciously and crazily racist (is there another kind?) response to his success and the turn in political culture it represented. I was thinking he might be feeling very fuck you all for destroying the work I accomplished, although I don’t think he’s a fuck you all kind of person. Continuous, relentless, crazy-making resistance from all of us and a few of our legislators will get these mother fuckers gone.

A friend commented: I think Obama is doing what he needs to keep the equilibrium he maintained all through his presidency. He’s in recovery, in effect. And he surely knows that anything political he does right now will boomerang.

I responded: I don’t think it would boomerang . . . nor would Hillary’s march with resistance shoulder to shoulder . . . they should and can be citizens right now, all the usual rules of passing the torch and power are off the table. This is a coup, as you well know, and I think we have to work creatively and experimentally and surprisingly as a force of opposition with other opponents, not Barack and Hillary as leaders but comrades.

The friend wrote: Agreed. But it’s an idea that seems to run counter to the core of what leads pols to be party Dems. And I do think Hillary & Barack have a right to choose to heal. It’s brutal out there in the public glare, and people who don’t take animal time for themselves, tend to dessicate, become simulacra of themselves. That’s what DT really is among so many other horrible things.

I wrote: All true. We are not in disagreement. I think, however, part of the concerted effort is to spurt so much crazy at us at the same time we wear down and seek relief in healing space . . . but we can’t do that right now . . . no one can afford that. Part of the pressure I feel is resentment at having to address the political surround . . . it feels like the sixties where you would have to remind smirking male faces with mustaches that women were actually human beings.

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