Body shaming 45, yes!

I will continue to body shame 45 and his associate homunculi. Body shaming an arch and protected body shamer levels the playing field of power, in which the female body is seen as public and at the mercy of religious, cultural, and social control, while the male body occupies a protected status as private. Today in Facebook posts, a male human referred to 45’s crew as screaming like “girlish piglets” and in another post the smell of 45’s scandals was described as “the worst case of vaginitis.” I wrote, “‘You meant to say ‘the worst case of scrotal jelly rot,’ right?” In response to complaints about the use of the word “girlish,” the male writer edited the post to accommodate the “easily offended.” I wrote to say not easily offended, grossly offensive. I suggested he apologize rather than claim the wounded ground. He told me to unfriend him. I said I would and asked, “but who is easy offended”?

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